MICRO-FAZE is a new, revolutionary thermal interface film formulated with non-silicone, dry to the touch, thermal grease. It was developed by AOS to offer the lowest thermal resistance in a thermal interface without the mess of grease. MICRO-FAZE does not require burn-in to form into place.

Technical Advantages

  • Low thermal resistance with minimum force
  • Naturally tacky, non-silicone
  • Conforms with a coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) deficiencies
  • Uniform film and exact thickness of thermal grease with each application
  • No phase change required for heat transfer to take place—Good Low Temp Performance
  • Durable resistance over usable lifetime
  • Easily stored at a wide range of temperatures
  • No degradation or pump out over the lifetime of the equipment

Features and Benefits

  • Retains all the performance advantages of thermal grease but in the form of a thermal pad
  • Requires minimum force to achieve total interface contact
  • Allows for total “wetting action” to fill all microscopic surface voids without changing phase
  • A positive coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) deficiencies the wetting action for total interface contact
  • Heat transfer takes place at any temperature (unlike phase change materials), making MICRO-FAZE an excellent choice for cold plate applications
  • Offers maximum heat transfer capability for power component
  • Excellent replacement for phase change materials and silicone pads
  • Is a “drop-in-place” product that is easy to use and handles well in a manufacturing environment
  • Naturally tacky—no adhesive, fiberglass or other non-conductive material is used that may penalize thermal resistance
  • Microscopically changes to fill all microscopic voids on part surfaces