Testing Instruments


For studying the flow and deformation of materials under shear.  Useful information, such as viscosity, storage modulus, creep, can be characterized and examined.


Differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) is a thermoanalytical technique, ideal for characterizing important materials properties, such as different phase transitions – glass, melting, and crystallization), and curing or crosslinking.


  • A thermal gravimetric analyzer (TGA) is a thermoanalyticaltechnique that examines the weight loss of a sample up to high temperatures (800 to 1000°C). This technique can be run in controlled atmospheres, such as pure oxygen, Argon, or Nitrogen. ​
  • It is also a key technique to study the thermal stability of materials. Surface chemistry can be also studied using the TGA.​


Dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) is a technique used to characterize viscoelastic properties of solid materials, most useful for polymers. By testing materials in different modes, such as compression or bending, DMA is extremely useful in obtaining important material properties, including glass transition temperature, creep, damping, and material stiffness​